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Friday, August 12, 2005

FedexFurniture.Com - no money? No problem!


The guy behind this site says that due to a lack of cash he nicked his friends idea of "Using FedEx boxes and packaging materials" to construct "a desk, bed, couch, dining table and chairs out of the boxes."

So he's a happy bunny with his cool furniture, right? Well, he would be if FedEx hadn't taken a dim view of such creative use of their boxes and filed a fit of legal moves to try to get the site to disappear.

So of course, now the story has hit the blogosphere and many, many bloggers may decide to go for the GoogleBomb version of FedEx.

Did I mention the GoogleBomb version of FedEx? I did, right? I said, FedEx?

Just checking. :o)


Anonymous moni said...

Ha! that's cool kind of like the guy who made a Tuxedo for his Senior Prom entirely out of duck tape. You didn't see them having as hissy fit. I hardly think there's going to be a run on FedEx Box furniture do you? I hate computers.....I really do, or maybe they don't like me. I've been told that my modem drivers need to be that serious? ;>

7:57 PM  

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