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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Man can hold on to pal's corpse

A Chinese man has been told can carry on storing his pal's dead body in a freezer.

Police officers found the corpse during a routine health and safety check at his Xiao Li Bei's warehouse in the Russian town of Novosibirsk.

He told police that his friend had died of natural causes two years ago.

Li Bei said: "I just thought it would be easier to store the body myself. There's so much bureaucracy here I knew the paperwork would be endless otherwise.

"And I have a large industrial freezer in my warehouse."

Prosecutors have said that unless new evidence turns up the man will able to continue storing his friend's body in the freezer as it is not actually illegal in Russia.

As you do ...

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


For a change of pace I thought I'd offer this Quatrain from Nostradamus:

La defchaffee au regne tournera,
Ses ennemis trouues des coniures:
Plus que iamais fon temps tiomphera,
Trois & feptante a mort trop affeures

Century 6, Quatrain 74 (C6Q74)

Translated from the Nostradamus Repository;

She chased out will return to the realm,
Her enemies found to be conspirators:
More than ever her time will triumph,
Three and seventy to death very sure.

Or if you prefer, the Erika Cheetham translation;

She who was cast out will return to reign,
Her enemies found among conspirators.
More than ever will her reign be triumphant.
At three and seventy death very sure.

You either buy into Nostradamus as a prophet or you don't. The skeptics say that it's easy to interpret after the fact to make things fit with events. This is true and happens all the time with Nostradamus. After an event, someone will pop up with an ill-fitting Quatrain and proclaim it to be a hit. Some go so far as to make up a Quatrain as happened after the Twin Towers.

Just for the Skeptics, here's a before the fact interpretation and as far out as you can go.

C6Q74 applies to Princess Diana, who isn't actually dead but is in hiding; spirited away from the dark forces who have seeded themselves at the heart of the establishment after the (Chinook Helicopter) Military coup of 1994.

That's why death at 73 is so sure, geddit?

Just in case you are wondering, Prince Charles will take the position of Prince Regent.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Physics911 Public Site

Physics911 Public Site

Friday, August 12, 2005

FedexFurniture.Com - no money? No problem!


The guy behind this site says that due to a lack of cash he nicked his friends idea of "Using FedEx boxes and packaging materials" to construct "a desk, bed, couch, dining table and chairs out of the boxes."

So he's a happy bunny with his cool furniture, right? Well, he would be if FedEx hadn't taken a dim view of such creative use of their boxes and filed a fit of legal moves to try to get the site to disappear.

So of course, now the story has hit the blogosphere and many, many bloggers may decide to go for the GoogleBomb version of FedEx.

Did I mention the GoogleBomb version of FedEx? I did, right? I said, FedEx?

Just checking. :o)

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Baby famine link to schizophrenia

Babies born during famine are at higher risk of schizophrenia, a study has found.

The Chinese famine of 1959-1961 increased the risk of schizophrenia in later life from 0.84% to 2.15%, Shanghai researchers calculated.

It is not clear whether it is lack of food in general or a lack of specific nutrients while in the womb is important.

The work appears in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Observing a schizophrenic shopping in a supermarket can tell you their brain is lacking in vital nutrients and most importantly, fatty acids. Not because they fill their trolley with healthy foods but because they load up with junk such as chocolate and cakes. To a practised eye, that tells of nutritional deficiency.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Celebrity Shark Bait

REALITY television has sunk to new depths by dangling celebrities in front of the world’s most fearsome predator, marine campaigners say.

Ruby Wax and Richard E. Grant will be among the celebrities lowered in a cage into the waters of Shark Alley, off the coast of South Africa, while a noxious mix of blood and fish is used to lure the residents.

But environmental groups have condemned ITV1’s Celebrity Shark Bait, arguing that the booming tourist trade in “cage diving” has humiliated dangerous animals and was responsible for an increase in shark attacks.

Ruby Wax finally encounters something with a bigger mouth! Am I really sick for wanting a live show?

Monday, August 01, 2005

First smokeless cigarette to go on sale - looks like stick

The world's first smoke and tobacco free cigarette is due to go on sale.

The cigarette has been cleared for commercial release and should be on sale early next year.

Swissmedic, the Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products, has decided the NicStic is not a medicinal product and has cleared the path for its commercial production.

Monique Helfer of Swissmedic said: 'If we had classified the NicStic as medication, the manufacturer would have had to apply to have it covered by health insurance and therefore it would have required the approval of the Federal Health Office and taken a lot longer to get to the public.'

Instead the Swiss invention aimed at smokers who enjoy smoking regardless of growing condemnation of the habit should soon be available for the same cost as normal cigarettes."

Bears a remarkable resemblance to a stick!