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Sunday, May 08, 2005

How To Make Certain No-one Talks

"Pakistani officials say they are 'deeply dismayed' over reports that the Koran was desecrated at the US detention facility in Guantanamo Bay.

The latest edition of the American Newsweek magazine said such tactics were used to rattle suspects.

It says that US personnel on one occasion flushed a copy of Islam's most holy book 'down the toilet'."

Getting 'Suspects' With Deeply Held Religious Beliefs to Talk
Lesson 1: Do not attack their faith - you will only deepen it
Lesson 2: See Lesson 1


Blogger The Zombieslayer said...

These are accusations. hasn't anyone heard of innocent until proven guilty anymore? What Newsweek is doing is totally irresponsible journalism. Whether we threw a Koran in the toilet or not, who knows? To publish it as fact is irresponsible on Newsweek's part.

9:06 AM  
Anonymous Moni said...

I understand the scewed reasoning behind such tactics, but on the same account I understand that there is no way to reason with someone so deeply devoted to their religion without creating the further fanatasism. History after all is full of martyrs. As far as responsible journalism goes, the media is like a double edged sword. It can create scandal and also expose it. :) If there are mispellings in my post sorry...I can't spell worth a toot.

12:24 AM  
Blogger McFox said...

The problem with todays media is the selectivity and laziness. After all, why bother to write an article when all you need do is file one already prepared by someone else?

Many lives have been lost in parts of the world entirely because of outrage and subsequent riots and 'revenge' purely on the basis of this article.

3:05 PM  

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