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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Stolen Mobile Embarrassingly Revealed

They are stealing everything these days, a Register article reports and mobiles are getting very small - yes, size does count. Someone saw a lady steal a mobile from another customer in a retaurant, the police were called, couldn't find it on the suspect, and were about to let her go, when with a degree of lateral thinking, someone suggested they call the stolen mobile.

From the indispensable

lmfao! If it had been set to 'vibrate only', the culprit could easily have been fingered by the tell-tale smile :) (I wonder if it echoed?)


Anonymous Moni said...

"I wonder if it echoed?!" Bwahhhahahahaha! Could you imagine being the rightful owner of the cell phone? "Excuse me Ms./Mr. we've found your phone, and will return it to you expediantly." "No!" "No!" "That's okay YOU keep it." :0

11:42 PM  

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