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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Life expectancy gap 'widening'

"Health inequalities across the UK are at their widest since Victorian times, a study says.

The joint University of Bristol and University of Sheffield team found a 10-year difference in life expectancy between the best and worst areas.

Despite attempts to reverse the trend, they said the gap was still rising but this could change in coming years.

Glasgow had the worst life expectancy, 72.9 years, compared to Kensington and Chelsea in London on 82.4."


what the report doesn't point out is how miserable the last 25 years are if you are poor: robbed of your pension by the company whose scheme you paid into for 40 years, surrounded by thugs and junkies on crime ridden estates, mugged and beaten up for £2 ...


Anonymous moni said...

Yeah we have something similiar to look forward to in the U.S., it's called Social Security. Will there be any left for me? Yeah riiiiight.:(

11:35 PM  

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