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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Advertise On My Cleavage

Advertise For 15 Days!

Need a couple of hundred quid, or dollars for that matter? One enterprising woman from Gourock, nr Glasgow, in Scotland eBayed advertising space on her boobs! If you want to know what the final price was, you will have to click the link.

She stated on the auction:
"Hi there. Like myself, and many others across the world, you've probably noticed a man on eBay is renting his forehead for 30 days, so you can put your logo on it. Well, now, you can do so in the UK. No longer restricted to USA based advertising, you can now rent my CLEAVAGE for a period of 15 days, during which I will display your company logo, slogan or web-site address in the form of a temporary tattoo you will supply to me. I should probably give you some information on the whereabouts of this living billboard."


Blogger Neighbour of Teh Hoors! said...

Has anyone seen her around Glasgow then? :D

2:30 AM  

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