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Monday, January 24, 2005

Man and Machine

This year seems to have started off on a technological sour note. Not only did the squirt-happy cat fry the USB ports but it seems the ignomy of being moved was too much for the power unit on my trusty-steed (I'm hoping if I refer to it by animal references, the you-know-what will keep running without any further problems).

Yesterday, the cooling-fan began to sound like a psychotic wasp on steroids. Today the painful squeal meant thinking anywhere within 20 metres of base unit was out of the question. I replaced the power box and it is now purring away happily.

The car has decided it is not co-operating. It tried playing dead but a new battery foiled its wicked plans. Then it decided to refuse to heat the inside of the car; never a good thing in a Scottish winter -- but some replacement electrical connectors got the heater going again. The boot (trunk) locking mechanism is now playing possum and the gearbox suddenly developed a loud crunch when going into 3rd.

The mechanic assured me the car is not;

1. haunted
2. cursed
3. "Christine" from the Stephen King novel of the same name
4. developing a rebelious artificial intelligence which will go on to take over the world
5. in a huff

He says it's a synchro-whatchamacallit and he can fix it "nae bother".

Yes, man and machine -- a harmonious union so long as the machine is ok about it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha! So what you're saying is that there really IS a ghost in the machine. :} Maybe you should call an excorsist. Seriously, I hope everything runs well for you in the future. I hate it when the synchro watchmacallit goes out on you. Too cruel.;)

11:29 PM  
Blogger McFox said...

LOL! yeah, a ghost in the machine, heh!

7:32 AM  

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