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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Bloody Cat - Update

Well, I've replaced my fried computer components which now allows my computer to talk to my printer. Wonder what they talk about? The weather? Cats? Dunno. Anyway, they are speaking again and I can print stuff.

As a final insult, the cat, knowing he had been rumbled and too wary to come near my computer, decided the plant in the other corner was the perfect place to spray. Only after making certain I was watching him, did he release a volley onto the unfortunate plant. Yuk. The cat got launched out the door.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hehehe...ahhh the pleasures of owning a cat. Actually, no one owns a cat, they own us. Many a nights my cat has went para-sailing off the bed for attacking my toes. Please don't tell the PETA people. lol Would you like another cat to add to your collection? Jussst kidding. Badddd Kitty! Baddd Kitty!

3:06 PM  

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