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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Muslim veil teacher 'should be sacked'

A Muslim teaching assistant suspended for refusing to remove her veil in class should be sacked, a local government minister has said.

Phil Woolas, whose brief includes race relations, told the Sunday Mirror that Aishah Azmi, 23, had 'put herself in a position where she can't do her job'.

Ms Azmi, who works at a junior school in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, said her pupils never complained about the veil.

She said she would remove the garment, but not in front of male colleagues.
Mr Woolas told the newspaper this amounted to sexual discrimination.

He added: 'She is denying the right of children to a full education by insisting that she wears the veil.'

Earlier, Kirklees Council said she was asked to take off her veil in class at Headfield Church of England Junior School because the children had difficulty understanding her in English lessons.

After she refused to remove the veil, it was decided to suspend her pending an employment tribunal.

The council said the school's action had "nothing to do with religion".

Maybe a balaclava would be a good compromise?!


Blogger Moni said...

I can't speak for the UK, but here in the U.S. separation of church and state has become such an issue that students have been asked not to wear religious medallions such as the Star of David.

Oh well ask someone to take off a veil so they can teach, "ENGLISH" effectively and it's an infringement of civil rights?

Allah ain't gonna like this. Pleasse!

1:57 AM  
Blogger McFox said...

Who would've thought children learned to speak English better if they could see the person's mouth forming the words?

All this religious heehaw is getting absurd. Next thing we know, wearing religious medallions and symbols will get people in trouble at work. Oops! Too late.

8:40 AM  
Blogger edmond said...

Moronic prejudice is simply that. If the woman in question were 75 years old, a good teacher, and accustomed to wearing a scarf on her head, everyone of those fools would say, "ah, how cute that old woman is. What a great influence for our children! Not a single one would ever see the scarf.

However, when the woman is younger, they expect a "sexier" image. Because the woman's social rules ask that she protect and cover that "sexier" image, she is ostrasized, then asked to leave her job.

The rules have become very christian, and very un-godlike. The rule makers have become fascist in their manner of operation, and have finally begun to openly show their life-long prejudice and hatred, however "mild", of those who aren't or won't act white and christian.

Last time I looked, Abraham showed up in everyone's Good Book...

Now, there's one guy who would NOT be happy with all this...

9:40 AM  
Blogger McFox said...

I don't think it's to do with 'sexier', Edmond, so much as learning to speak a language; in this case, English, which happens to be a second language for many of the pupils involved.

Being able to see the mouth of the person teaching helps the kids learn.

The woman in question then apparently agreed to go without the veil so long as none of her male collegues could see her without the veil (not scarf). Which means that they (the men) would be discriminated against because of their gender because they would be unable to work beside the unveiled woman.

Nobody asking her to remove the veil knows what she looks like so for all anyone knows she could be so ugly everyone would regret asking her to take the veil off!

Which reminds me of Yo momma jokes

9:44 PM  

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