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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Island life offer sparks interest - hopes to boost the population of 15

The owner of a tiny Scottish island which advertised for new residents has received interest from 150 people.

The National Trust for Scotland announced at the weekend that it was offering two homes for rent on the Hebridean island of Canna.

Currently, the farming and crofting community has just 15 inhabitants.

The trust is hoping that the new families, with the right kind of skills, will be able to secure the long-term survival of Canna.

Alex Lindsay, NTS Director for the Highland & Islands said: ‘We are very keen to hear from families who wish to take up the opportunity to live and work on Canna. Applicants should be keen to play an active role in the development of the island’s community. It is hoped that bringing in new residents will contribute to the safeguarding of the school, community and economy of the island, whilst increasing the skills base and making a valuable contribution to island life.



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