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Monday, September 25, 2006

Hypoallergenic cats go on sale

The world's first specially-bred hypoallergenic cats have gone on sale in the United States.
US biotech firm Allerca says it has managed to selectively breed them by reducing a certain type of protein that triggers allergic reactions.

The cats will not cause the red eyes, sneezing and even asthma that some cat allergy sufferers experience, except in the most acute cases.

Despite costing $3,950 (£2,104), there is already a waiting list to get one.

Allerca first started taking orders for hypoallergenic cats back in 2004.

Hehe ... hypoallergenic cats ... lol




Blogger Moni said...

I think I would just have to buy a package of antihistamines for $4.00 rather than spend that much on a cat.

But, that's just me. :)

9:02 PM  
Blogger Bulbboy said...

My sister would love this idea. She was in tears because it's possible she may be allergic to my cats, Pushkin and Raku.

3:53 AM  

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