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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Blogger beta ...

Curiosity finally got the better of me and being the moth-to-flame-beta-tester I am, decided to give Blogger beta a try. In case you don't know, Blogger beta is the new and improved Blogger ... apparently!

I was a bit worried because I'd made quite a few changes to the template and thought I may be forced into a new look and layout but no, all appears as it should. Which is just as well because I forgot to save the template ... oops!

Anyhoo, a few improvements and apparently we can now label our posts with various categories or something.

Ok, it has labels but I think I may have to do some tinkering. One thing that has really ticked me off is that the 'Blogamania' title used to be a hyperlink and doesn't appear to be one any longer. Grrr. More tinkering.

One thing that is really good is it takes a couple of seconds to publish instead of that endless circley thing and the 'Please wait. 0.3% published' nonsense whenever an attempt was made to share your thoughts or some news with the world.

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