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Friday, November 25, 2005

Caustic Drink - Toxic Man - Sick Woman

Meet Sean Kobin. The Wisconsin man, a freak if ever there was one, will be spending his Thanksgiving in a Milwaukee jail due to his toxic sexual compulsion.

Kobin, you see, gets off by watching women vomit, a process he helps along by feeding them caustic liquid substances. The 20-year-old was charged earlier this month with felony reckless injury when a woman suffered serious chemical burns after drinking a solution containing sodium hydroxide, a bleach-like substance that Kobin told cops he used at his job to strip aluminum from copper.

When Chrystal Kolinski fell to the ground and began vomiting blood, Kobin captured her agony with a camcorder, according to a Circuit Court criminal complaint.

Kolinski, 33, told investigators that Kobin had pestered her for days to drink an "unknown liquid" which, she thought, "just tasted gross and would not hurt her." Instead, Kobin's brew nearly killed her, causing severe burns to the single mother's esophagus and stomach.

Now if the guy had only waited, he could have headed to China with his dirty little camcorder ...


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