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Sunday, November 20, 2005

What us girl want from you guys

An hilarious list from an idealist:

1. When you say your gonna call you better call
2. Never say something just to make a girl happy because you think that is what they want to here “like I love you”
3. Always tell the truth about everything
4. Always be there when they want to talk
5. When they need you the most make sure your there for her
6. Never let a girl walk home by herself(never know what other kind of guy she may find)
7. Never pressure things on her
8. If you have a problem with something make sure you talk to her about it
9. Don’t only call when you want to do something girls like it when you just call to talk
10. Don’t lie and say you have been with more girls then you really have been because it may be the wrong number to some girls
11. Don’t just let a girl beet you it may hurt her more thinking she has to be lied to to win
12. We love to play fight but not to rough
13. Girls like it when you not so shy and you can do any thing in front of her
14. Girls love it when you joke around with her but make sure your nice about it
15. Keep your personal hygiene good (no one likes to kiss someone who is dirty)
16. If you do drugs or smoke or something and we ask tell them (some girls just don’t care if you smoke) we like you for who you are
17. Don’t leave your girl friend alone for you friends for a long time
18. If you ask if we’re mad and we say no but we look like it just say we half to talk and then say tell me the truth what is wrong(don’t ask in front of your buddies and her friends because they just might not have the guts to tell you in front of everyone
19. If we look mad at you try and make things better if you actually care because it makes things worse when you don’t pay attention
20. If something happens during something make sure you let them know because they would like to know these things to see if they can fix it
21. Make sure the girls don’t change for you because we tend to do that sometime but its not on purpose we just want to make you happy
22. Look into her eyes when you say I love you but only if you mean it
23. Never lead a girl on and then break there hearts
24. Never cheat on a girl…you could be making the wrong choice because us girls aren’t dumb we know when things are going on we’re just to afraid to admit it

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This is actually a repeat post from Oct. 2004. It still cracks me up!


Blogger Moni said...

Ha! The chances of getting any man to do only one thing on that list are atronomical! Men are by nature, selfish little boys easily swayed by a set boobs and some junk in the trunk. ;) Bitter? Who me? Certainly not! lol ;p

About the selfish part; present company excluded of course. bless ya ;D

8:53 PM  
Blogger McFox said...

I think it's an android she is looking for. Hee hee!

Selfish? Men? Never. You must have us mixed up with some other species.

Now, where did I see those boob pictures? :o)

9:06 PM  
Blogger Moni said...

"Now where did I see those boob pictures?"

LMAO! Mcfox you make me laugh. I should like to meet you(platonically speaking), when I come to Scotland. You, your wifey, and I could have a few pints. That is if she is not the jealous type. If she is, then no offenses. Anyway, it's just a thought. ;)

12:04 AM  

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