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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Genes can be 'changed' by foods

What we eat may influence our health by changing specific genes, researchers believe.

Several studies in rodents have shown that nutrients and supplements can change the genetics of animals by switching on or off certain genes.

It is not clear whether foods do the same in humans, but an article in New Scientist says there is good reason to believe they do.

In the future, diseases might be reversed by diet in this way, it says.

In a recent animal experiment, adult rats were made to behave differently by injecting them with a specific amino acid called L-methionine.

After the injections, the animals were less confident when exploring new environments and produced higher levels of stress hormones.

The change to their behaviour occurred because the amino acid altered the way the rat's genes were expressed.

What I've been saying for years. Food can alter the human body at a genetic level


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