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Friday, November 25, 2005

Chinese toxic leak was 100 tonnes

A blast at a Chinese plant 12 days ago sent the equivalent of 10 tanker-loads of toxic chemicals into the Songhua river, Chinese state media report.

About 100 tonnes of lethal substances entered the Songhua as a result of the blast in Jilin, and the leak is now passing through the city of Harbin.

All taps are off in Harbin but the water supply may be restored on Sunday after being shut down for three days.

The company behind the blast has apologised for the accident.

Harbin's 3.8m residents are undergoing their third day without water.

13 November Explosion at petrochemical plant, Jilin city
21 Nov Water to Harbin city cut off; local government cites mains maintenance
22 Nov State media say water could have been contaminated after the blast
23 Nov Authorities admit very high levels of benzene have been found in the water


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