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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Well, that sucks!

Previously, I had dumped most of the premium channels on Sky, such as Movies and Sports because they were absolute crap; no Scottish premiership football, out-dated movies regurgitated ad nauseum, movies which were low quality in the first place ... what's the point of paying for a service you don't get?

Now, Sky have taken the decision to move WWE Wrestling from Sky One to Sky Sports and the only way to watch it is if you stump up for the full sports package. My son is a huge fan and has been for years as the huge pile of WWE merchandise he owns testifies to.

It's a low-down, dirty trick to move WWE to premium. Loads of kids are going to be disappointed. Maybe if Sky addressed the crappy programming schedules we are subjected to week after week instead of using kiddie-nag-factor-marketing to squeeze more money out of parent customers, they would have a stronger, long-term support base, instead of long-term grudge-bearers?


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