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Friday, December 03, 2004

Triumph for People Power After Ukraine Vote Annulled

Triumph for People Power After Ukraine Vote Annulled

KIEV (Reuters) - Ukrainian opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko declared victory in an "orange revolution" on Friday after the ex-Soviet state's top judges annulled a rigged election and ordered a new vote on Dec. 26.

The Supreme Court ruling is a slap in the face for Russian leader Vladimir Putin, who only on Thursday met outgoing Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma and said he was right to oppose a re-run of the poll's final round last month.

A triumphant Yushchenko addressed tens of thousands of supporters in the center of the capital Kiev, telling them to stay in the streets until Kuchma sacked the government and the election commission that held the tainted vote.

Picture 1: 2004

Picture 2: 2004

These shocking pictures are of the same man; Victor Yushchenko, the opposition leader in the Ukraine and the man who most say should have been voted into office had the elections not been rigged.

Too much vodka or something more sinister?
What makes these pictures so appalling is that those in the know say he was poisoned in order to disfigure him on Russian government orders to try to put the voters off!


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