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Monday, November 22, 2004

Russell Beattie Notebook - Jacek Rutkowski - MSMobiles

Jacek Rutkowski

Threadwatch -- An interesting commentary from Russell Beattie in his notebook about cyberstalking and his ongoing experience of it by an eejit called Jacek Rutkowski, author of this email to Andrew Orlowski of the Register;

Subject: I will attack you in cyberspace
you have exaggerated by making "fun" of Beth Goza's weblog! if you will not apologize her publicly (in the ) and admit publicly that you was wrong, then I will publish negative information about you at and I will ensure that it will be apppearing at FIRST PLACE in after typing "Andrew Orlowski" and clicking search!

More email ...

Some satire from the Register about 'Poland's cultural ambassador', Jacek Rutkowski


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