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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

zpy.dll - Zonealarm - zpy.dll available here for free (with no spam)

If you are looking for zpy.dll you are probably in ZoneAlarm hell right now.

For some reason you decided to try uninstalling, then reinstalling v6.5 of the firewall, maybe because your Eudora email client was having kittens or your anti-virus software wouldn't update ...

It doesn't matter because you're there now, trying to get the damn thing to reinstall but faced with a dumb message that zpy.dll is missing and perhaps you should reinstall the application - like you hadn't thought of that already. :rolleyes:

I've loaded a zip file to It contains zpy.dll. Click on this link to begin the download.

Zpy.dll needs to go into the folder, Windows > System32 > ZoneAlarm. Just extract the file from the zipped folder and drop it into the above and the program will reinstall when you double-click on the installer.

Unfortunately, that's the only good news you're going to hear - the latest version of ZoneAlarm sucks to absolute suckiness; can cause the dreaded Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) if you try disk-checking or will sit quite happily burning up 90% of your CPU power.

If you have any type of BitTorrent software installed (including that contained as part of the framework of Opera 9), then you're going to sit wondering if you have been thrown back in time 10 years due to the lack of computing power now available to you.


Further reading (you're not going to like it) ...

(not for the faint of heart but necessary if you wish to fix your computer)

Oh, by the way, you probably don't need the zpy.dll file at all.

Yeah, after all that!

Try going into Program Files from MyComputer and deleting the Zonealarm folder(s) - that should do the trick, at least as far as allowing you to reinstall the damn thing.

You will need to do something if you want to get your computer going again properly unless you are prepared to wait for the fix ... whenever that comes along.

This version of Zonealarm should NEVER have been released. It sucks.

Double MEH!



Anonymous amos said...

Read your post at DP and damn, I should have realized it earlier.

My computer was behaving weird and I reinstalled the whole machine a few hours ago. Should have suspected it was ZoneAlarm. Dang it!!

12:11 PM  
Blogger McFox said...

I hope it did the trick.

I spent 10 solid hours yesterday going through and looking at every possible cause - thinking my computer had been compromised in some way, then two hours today purging ZoneAlarm from my computer.

btw, don't buy Computer Associates firewall - it's only a rebrand of ZoneAlarm -- extra, double, double MEH!

All that f-ing effort to clean it from my computer only to put it back in thinking it was something else.

4:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey steve or whoever the hell your name is, the shit u told us to do in order to get the spydll working again is a hoax. It did not work for me. Why dont u try using proper english whe u explain things. Thnks asshole

3:54 AM  
Anonymous ismaelj said...

I had the same problem, but didn't need to download zpy.dll, just went to windows\system32\ adn deleted the "zonealarm" or "zonelabs" folder (didn't remember wich) and the installer was happy again

1:11 PM  
Anonymous sorare said...

Absolutely correct! I was preparing to spend that "serious time" but deleted the Zone Labs folder in \windows\system32 instead. Zone Alarm then reinstalled with no problems. Big thanks to ismaelj.

5:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Same here as two last posters, deleted the Zone Labs folder in \windows\system32 and did the trick perfectly. Zone Alarm then reinstalled with no problems. Big thanks to ismaelj.
Also wonder if I'll get Google desktop to work again...

9:53 AM  
Blogger SteveT said...

Thanks again to ismaelj - the fix worked a treat and able to reinstall Zone Alarm after several hours trying to find the cause of my stalling PC. Now working again. Was on the verge of a complete re-install then I found the postings above.

7:59 PM  

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