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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sunscreen affects thyroid hormones - concerns

Fears have been raised about the potential of sunscreens to disrupt the balance of thyroid hormones.

German researchers found rats exposed to the sunscreen chemical 4MBC had raised levels of thyroid stimulating hormones and heavier thyroid glands.

The gland sits in the neck and produces hormones to regulate metabolism.

If thyroid levels are altered it can cause lethargy, but Charite University said more research was needed to see if this also happened in humans.

Another chemical benzophenone 2 was also found to alter thyroid hormone levels, but the effect was reversed by other chemicals present in sunscreens.

One in 50 people - mainly women - are affected by altered hormone levels.

So it's be knackered all the time because your thyroid is out of whack, or bake to a crispy golden red.



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