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Monday, January 23, 2006

UK Spys on Russia Using Fake Rock

Russia's state security service, the FSB, has accused British diplomats of spying in Moscow.

It backed claims made in a Russian TV report which showed footage of what it said was British agents retrieving data from a fake rock planted on a street.

The programme said four officials from the UK embassy and one Russian citizen, allegedly recruited by the British secret service, downloaded classified data from a transmitter in the rock onto palm-top computers.

According to the programme, the Russian citizen was later arrested.

Hidden camera footage appears to show individuals walking up to the rock.

One man is caught on camera carrying it away.

British Spy Rock FAQ's

What muppet thought this one up? I wonder how the conversation went?
"We need a way to communicate"
"Um, the phone?"
"No, no! We need a way to hide it"
"Um, use a mobile but encrypt the phone channels?"
"No! Wait! I've got it! We'll use a fake rock! Hidden in the street! No-one will find it suspicious if people keep approaching a rock trying to look as if they aren't doing anything."



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