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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Criminals target viruses for cash

At first glance 2005 looks like it was a quiet year for computer security because there were far fewer serious Windows virus outbreaks than in 2004.

According to figures gathered by security firm Symantec, there were 33 serious outbreaks in 2004. These are incidents measured by the number of people a virus infects or the severity of the damage they inflict.

In 2005, there were only six such incidents.

'We're talking about a substantial decrease in worldwide pandemics,' said Kevin Hogan, senior manager in Symantec's security response team.

This decline is taking place because virus makers have largely stopped spreading their malicious wares with mass-mailers that try to infect as many people as possible via their inbox.

Instead, virus creators are cranking out more versions of malicious programs than ever before.

The malicious hackers are also keen to replenish the ranks of the viruses circulating online as fixes are found for previous versions.

It also marks a tactical change toward more customised attacks. Instead of trying to infect everyone, many virus creators are creating variants that attack small groups of users.

Sometimes these are customers of particular companies, often banks, and occasionally they are the workers in a single organisation.

Smaller groups are being targeted because many of the groups sending out viruses are criminals keen to profit from the machines they compromise.




Blogger Moni said...

Ha! It's kind of like a "bad for worse" situtation, I'll mark it down on my list of "bad things getting worse." The list grows longer each day. ;)

Off topic: I hope you had a very Merry Christmas. Are you going to any Hogamany's? I think I spelled it correctly, anyway have a Happy New Year! ;)

11:01 PM  
Blogger McFox said...

Yeah, bad to worse is right!

Had a great Christmas. I hope yours was good too. :)

Hogmany's are better when you're younger or older. In between you have too many other things to worry about to go out partying for a couple of days. :)

11:11 AM  

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