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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Had Enough of Blogshares

Well, it is with some sadness I have decided to stop all Bloshares activities. It's a complicated game I have played for quite a time. Indeed, I renewed my subscription just last week. This came immediately after a devaluation of Blogshares currency that resulted in my B$40 trillion fortune (half bought and half worked for, heh) devalued to a measly B$4 billion.

Ok, I thought, I can understand the need to lose some of the zeros across the board and thought the game could still use my support, despite much grumbling from other irate players who had witnessed their fortunes obliterated overnight.

Today, I was playing and got scammed out of the B$6 billion I had been patiently working to build since the devaluation. A player exploiting a loophole or a fault of the game? I don't know. The player involved did offer to put right my losses when I complained about the situation on the Blogshares forum.

What made me decide I'd had enough of Blogshares was not the losses so much as the attitude of the Admins towards a paying customer - me. In effect they said, "So what? It's what happens." when I appraised them of the situation. No, it isn't what happens. I've played the game for more than a year and this type of situation does not happen. The game, or system, as it's known, was faulty. It shouldn't allow such a situation to occur ... but it did.

Being told, "Too bad," isn't good enough for a long-term, paying customer of the game. Especially one who doesn't open multiple accounts, exploit bugs in the system or run automated blogshares scripts like those found here and here.

That's what finally made me say, enough is enough, and wave goodbye to Blogshares.



Blogger Search Engine Information said...

wow, I'm happy to have read this. Sorry to see that you've wasted so much time. I've never gotten on blogshares because it did seem more complicated than it was worth the effort.

Appears that they are the ones benefitting and everyone else is supposed to be satisfied picking up the crumbs.

5:06 AM  
Blogger McFox said...

Yeah, save your money, is my opinion. I thought the game was a bit complicated, especially for the average player who relies on the system but now they have gotten grandiose and now have court sessions, fines and all sorts of crap going on with only a few of the elite players allowed to make the decisions and most people getting stuffed.

Funny thing is if you read through their 'judgements' you see players getting penalised for exploiting a bug and not reporting it, except in my case, when I got penalised for reporting it.

I lost what would have been B$60 trillion (before the devaluation thing), so I was kinda pissed when no-one would give me the time of day apart from one guy who I'd dealt with before and all he could offer was sympathies.

So, I sold off everything I had and gifted him my remaining B$6 billion (B$60 trillion equivalent).

The reason I mention this is because he previously sold off shares for charity and I bought B$15 trillion off him at a real-life cost of $45! Heh. The irony. :o)

9:37 PM  
Anonymous HU said...

That's why I've never gotten involved. Sure some people look at the easy money and the fast girls or even the fast money and easy girls, but that's just not the way I roll.

9:37 PM  

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