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Friday, September 23, 2005

Meth Head

You take your first hit and someone asks you to go clean the port-a-potty, and it sounds like fun—any menial task becomes appealing. You feel like king of the world.

One day the guilt and paranoia got to be too much, and Parnell bottomed out. He was lying in bed with Amy, arguing. He grabbed the gun beside the bed, put it under his chin, and squeezed the trigger.

“The bullet went through my chin, blew my nose off, blew my teeth out. Every bone in my face was broken, and my face was split open, but I was alive. I was still conscious, I think because the drug is such a stimulant.” Some of his teeth had to be removed surgically from Amy’s arm, as they lodged themselves on impact.

Full article (Metro Pulse)


Blogger Moni said...

I know that looks gruesome, but actually he is blessed. Simply by the fact that he is still able to state how the gun blew off his nose is a miracle, not to mention the fact that he is not in a vegitative state and on a ventilator. Still, that picture is a strong argument for reasons, why one shouldn't use Meth

1:15 AM  
Blogger McFox said...

A lucky guy without a doubt. Really crap at aiming, though.

I doubt anyone's mind will be changed about whether to use meth or not by the picture but it is a cautionary tale.

9:52 AM  

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