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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Nursing Home owners charged over Katrina deaths

The owners of a nursing home outside New Orleans have been charged with manslaughter over the deaths of 34 people during Hurricane Katrina.

The married couple who ran St Rita's home are accused of ignoring mandatory orders to evacuate residents, whose bodies were found last week.

These are believed to be the first criminal neglect charges laid in connection with the flood disaster.

On Sunday, 45 bodies were found at a flooded hospital in New Orleans. The owners said they had been critically ill patients who died in stifling heat after power was cut off, and insisted they could not have been evacuated in time.

Wouldn't like to be in their shoes!


Blogger Moni said...

Everyone knows that there had to be some sort of rescue and evacuation plan in place. That's part of the inspection process of medical facilities now matter what the capacity. I can't think of any reason the patients weren't evacuated. Your right McFox I wouldn't want to be the St. Rita's administration. I can't understand it. Caio :>

11:14 PM  

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