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Saturday, October 09, 2004


It seems no matter which way I turn these days, I inevitably stumble upon a conspiracy theory.

It used to be the case that 'Conspiracy Theory' = 'Wild Speculation' = 'Nutjob'.

Certainly, in the case of one David Icke, I believe this to be the case and any truth he may inadvertantly utter or write is lost in the sea of BS he floats his ethereal being in.

So, back to my stumblings and the conspiracies ... they seem to be everywhere I look. Some of them are damned persuasive too. I am under no illusions that the Iraq war was fought to establish a Middle Eastern presence and access to oil. The pretext for war was sketchy at best and the world is not a better place without Saddam. It's just the same and life is still shit in Iraq.

What is better, is that the Western powers, most notably the US and the UK, have established a long-term foothold in Iraq and the Middle East. I for one, would be most pissed off if OIL suddenly ran out and I had no internet; heating, water, or food. Probably in that order too.

As for the rest of the conspiracy stuff? Read for yourself. There is a post below about the Microbiologists dying like fruit flies. I published it here as things tend to disappear on the internet never to be found again. Rather like the microbiologists. Not just your average food-factory-supervisor-type either, but the cream of the crop. The leaders in their field.

Instead of me trying to explain what someone else has written, peruse at your leisure via the links. Interesting reading.


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