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Monday, September 20, 2004

TBN's Promise: Send Money and See Riches

Send Money and See Riches
Yahoo! - Pastor Paul Crouch calls it "God's economy of giving," and here is how it works:
People who donate to Crouch's Trinity Broadcasting Network will reap financial blessings from a grateful God. The more they give TBN, the more he will give them.

Being broke or in debt is no excuse not to write a check. In fact, it's an ideal opportunity. For God is especially generous to those who give when they can least afford it.

Works for Crouch! His network reaps a whopping $120 million per year and helps fund generous annual salaries for Crouch ($403,700) and his wife, Jan ($361,000), not to mention an array of perks, including a TBN-owned jet and 30 homes across the country, among them a pair of Newport Beach mansions and a ranch in Texas.

Praise the Lord!


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