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Thursday, September 09, 2004

"Sneakers" comes true in the solving of the Riemann Hypothesis?

"Sneakers" is the 1992 movie with Robert Redford as the lead and co-starring the now deceased River Pheonix, as well as the very talented, Sidney Poitier, and portly genius that is Dan Aykroyd.

The gist of the film is that a mathemetician has deciphered some age-old math formula and has built a 'black box' which is capable of deciphering any code, no matter how complex and unbreakable the cryptography involved.

Quoting from a review of the movie; "The technological black box that everybody is after, an array of computer chips that can decode any encrypted message, isn't a very plausible invention..."

Which is where the Riemann Hypothesis comes in.

The Riemann Hypothesis is a mathematical problem which is so complex, it defies simple description. The long and short is that if it is solved, then all current cryptography becomes meaningless since it could be decoded with ease.

This would put all current financial systems reliant on cryptography into the category of obsolete and useless and would plunge the worlds financial systems into chaos.

Word has it that the Riemann Hypothesis has been solved and the guy is keeping very quiet, even refusing to submit his solution in order to claim the $1, 000, 000 prize up for grabs to anyone who can solve the problem.

Who can blame him? The mathematical wiz in the film "Sneakers" gets bumped off after he builds his 'black box'. Need I say more?!


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