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Friday, August 06, 2004

Google a Credit Card Number

Google queries provide stolen credit cards

CNET - Simple queries using the Google search engine can turn up a handful of sites that have posted credit card information to the Web, CNET learned on Tuesday.

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It took a little while, many dead-ends and lots of useless information by enthusiastic but misguided, 12-year-olds, who were talking tough on non-entity bulletin boards, but I did finally manage to track down some real information.

While relieved it wasn't my own, I did feel sorry for the 'old-dear' whose full details were posted for the entire world to ogle, as part of a sample of the type of data available for sale. The information was forwarded to the credit card company.

Favourite quote from all of the digging about

"Meanwhile, this thread (and all the requests for credit-card numbers that I subsequently deleted), is further proof that there are far too many stupid people on the Internet. I sincerely hope that none of them manage to breed."


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