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Sunday, September 26, 2004

O'Connor Wants People to Stop Heckling

O'Connor Wants People to Stop Heckling
Sinead O'Connor wants people to stop heckling her and making fun of her and, as we say on this side of the pond, 'taking the piss'.

Despite my long time, if superficial, love of the singer, I believe one of her greatest assets when she broke into the heady world of pop success was her obvious expression of her tortured soul.

Someone once told me this gem of advice; "Never let anyone f*** with your head. And don't go messin' about in it too much yourself"

The meaning of this was immediately clear to me. If you continually deconstruct your mind with repeated self analysis, or worse still, you allow someone else to do the same, the rebuild will always prove unreliable.

In search of the source of her angst, the singer has lurched from one apparent psychic crisis to the other.

One thing's for sure: writing a 2000 word essay in the paper asking people to stop making fun of her is like asking a wasp not to sting you when you have stirred up it's nest.


Blogger Neighbour of Teh Hoors! said...

Is this following her campaign with the mothers if Ireland to rid the Emerald Isle of nits?

Quite an impressive thing for someone with no hair... :P

9:00 AM  

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