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Sunday, July 25, 2004

New Search Technology sits on your desktop and rifles through all your files, but they do have a privacy policy

Blinkx debuts new search technology

CNET - Attempting to take a chunk of business from biggies such as Google, an embryonic San Francisco-based company, Blinkx, has introduced a new search technology that looks up links before the user asks for them.

The free tool, launched this week, uses self-learning algorithms to analyze the content of the documents a computer user is viewing and scout for related information on the Internet or on the user's PC. The product is available for download from the company's Web site, which also offers an animated demo of the tool.

Read the privacy policy very carefully
Personally, before I allowed a program to deep-scan my entire hard drive with 'self-learning algorithms', I would like to know a lot more about the company involved, and the third-party's referred to in the privacy policy.

More thoughts from Cre8asite about blinkx


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