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Thursday, May 20, 2004


My Left Arm for a Gmail Account
Wired News - What's an invitation for a Gmail account worth?

If you have an invitation to open an account on Google's new e-mail service, you could sell it on eBay for as much as $60. But if cash is a little too prosaic for you, your Gmail invitation could net you 4 pounds of fresh fudge, some Jewish mystical knowledge, a photo of a wife and a girlfriend kissing, a tarantula, Paris Hilton's phone number or any one of more than 1,000 other options ...
More ...

If you get an invite to join Gmail, grab it while you can still obtain a good name!
Who knows? Pretty soon, your gmail name could be worth a lot to the right buyer. This is because gmail accounts will be sold as commodities ... (even though it is against the TOS and I am in no way advocating such a procedure)

Pssst! Wanna buy an invite to Gmail? Try eBay!


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