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Monday, February 19, 2007

Richard and Judy quiz scrutinised

Channel 4 is investigating claims that viewers were asked to ring a £1-a-time quiz on its Richard and Judy show, even though callers had already been chosen.

E-mails leaked to the Mail on Sunday alleged that the You Say, We Pay contest was being promoted on-air even after a winner had been selected.

The competition was dropped from Friday's edition of the teatime show.

Channel 4 said "something had obviously gone awry", and added it was committed to acting "fairly and transparently".

"We reject any suggestion that we would knowingly mislead viewers in any way," a statement from the broadcaster said.

Combined with the furore over this year's Celebrity Big Brother, last year's 3000 complaints about Big Brother evictions and the Golden Ticket row it seems that Channel 4 are intent on a course of action that can only end badly.


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