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Friday, March 24, 2006

Pete Burns Sent To Mental Hospital

Pete Burns checked into a mental hospital after concerned friends warned him about the state of his metal health.

Pete has been playing up an awful lot since being kicked out of Celebrity Big Brother and it seems his strange behaviour has finally provoked friends and family into making him seek help.

The 'Dead or Alive' front man has been in the papers this week for running up a massive 12, 000 bill in a swish London hotel and refusing to pay. He was thrown out of the hotel in little more than a pair of tiger-print underpants!

Although Pete has admitted himself into the hospital he still doesn’t seem to think there is anything wrong, telling The Sun: “People think I’m a dizzy blonde but I’m 110% sane.”

Shortly after this revelation his friends and beloved boyfriend Michael Simpson persuaded him to get some professional help for his behaviour. They said: “Pete’s in a state. Friends have done their best but now he’s getting the treatment he needs.”

“It’s been stressful. He’s suffering exhaustion and sleep deprivation.”

Maybe his wraith side is kicking in and he needs to feed on humans to get his strength back?



Blogger Moni said...

heheh! Don't go near him then. You know I hate when celebrities have to check into the hospital for so called, "exhaustion". You don't see a working man/woman going to the hospital with a diagnosis of exhaustion...

"You know doc, I've partied my ass off, did a few lines of coke, wrecked my Jag, and acted like a total cretan." "Can you help me out a little...I'm exhausted?"

Pleassse?! ;(

11:30 PM  
Blogger McFox said...

Haha. I know what you mean, I think the same thing.

"Doctor, you have to help me. I've snorted half of Columbia and now I feel exhausted."

Not saying Pete Burns did anything of the sort, of course, but celebrity 'exhaustion' is a load of shite, imo. :o)

Normal people don't get time off their work because they've been pulling double shifts for three months straight. They just get a warning from their boss for not being alert enough.

9:21 AM  

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