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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Web suicide pacts surge in Japan

The number of Japanese who killed themselves in suicide pacts made over the internet rose sharply last year.

Police said 91 people died in the pacts in 2005, compared to 55 in 2004 and 34 in 2003, when the records started.

Alarm at the rise has led to increased vigilance by internet service providers, who now report suspected suicide pacts to the authorities.

Japan already has the highest suicide rate in the world, and the pacts may appeal to those scared to die alone.

Police figures showed 34 internet-arranged suicide pacts were recorded last year. Of the 91 people who died, 54 were men and 37 were women, with most being in their twenties or thirties.

The suicide pacts still make up a relatively small proportion of Japan's suicides.

More than 34,000 Japanese took their own lives in 2003, according to the National Police Agency - an increase of more than 7% from the previous year.

Sex, porn, illegal drugs, dating, legal drugs, gambling, gaming -- all available in copious quantities on the internet ... and these people choose suicide? wtf? Still, I suppose it's better than being eaten.



Blogger Moni said...

What is there a chat room for suicide wanna-be's? I don't get it. It's sad but what do you say? "Hi my name is Hirishto, would you like to die with me?" ***shake my head***

Ah the cannabalism case, I had heard about that. I had no idea the man lived in Rotenburg. It's a quaint medievil town surrounded by a wall, who'd have thought it? I've been to Rotenburg, but I didn't eat anyone, although I thought I saw Hannible Lecter purusing the streets. ;P

12:42 AM  
Blogger McFox said...

We share a common shake of the head. I don't get it either.

Lucky escape from Rotenburg (appropriate name given the circumstances). It may well have been their own, home-grown Hannibal Lecter you saw. :eek:

8:54 AM  

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