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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

BitTorrent maker sets up search

BitTorrent maker sets up search: "The man behind the popular BitTorrent file-sharing program has set up a way of searching for torrent files.

The search tool on Bram Cohen's website makes it easier to find links which can then be used to download large files.

It was launched as US authorities shut down a prominent BitTorrent site, Elite Torrents, which had links to download the new Star Wars movie.

BitTorrent has become linked to online piracy due its widespread use to distribute copyrighted material.

more from the beeb

The irony is too much. lol! This is the quote from the footer on the BitTorrent website: BitTorrent, its logo and its web site are all copyright © 2001-2005 BitTorrent, Inc.

Is it just me or is that biting satire?


Anonymous Moni said...

Ha! Yeah BitTorrent doesn't want others to steal it's formula to steal. "Don't infringe on our right to infringe." Biting satire?...absolutely ;) Thanks for the info.

5:02 PM  

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