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Friday, October 22, 2004

Blog Pet for Blogger

Blog Pet for Blogger - Create your own virtual pet on your weblog!

I was reading Anything But Ordinary where this was mentioned:
... ooohh, how cute! A new gizmo to play with!

From the creators:
"Guppy is AI nuts - the first time I met him he was teaching a toaster how to insult a cardboard box, and he's done a lot of work with natural language parsing with various other projects."

How can anyone resist?! Come to think of it, I really would like to see the cardboard box insult the toaster.

On the subject of gizmos, how about tv-b-gone, from Cornfield Electronics? It has all the shutdown codes for just about every tv on the planet built into its little keyring sized body and all it takes is one press of its solitary button to turn off every tv in sight. Heh!


Blogger Neighbour of Teh Hoors! said...

Hi McFox - a gizmo eh!? I must try that one out :D

By the way, have you seen this? - it looks right up your street. Poor Pammy is doing her "Watchdog" face :P

6:21 PM  

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