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Thursday, April 29, 2004


T shirt Company Denied Google AdWords Campaign
Webpronews - Y-Que, a T-shirt company located in Southern California, has had its AdWords campaign cancelled by Google because of the keywords the company selected to use. Y-Que believes that the basis of Google's cancellation is a move to stifle free speech.
The company sells what would be considered "politically incorrect" shirts. A few of the t-shirts in question included, according to,

"Recall Bush - White T-shirt (with radio control on head); Dumb and Dumber White T-shirt - Bush and Blair: The Movie; You're Fired - George W. Bush White T-shirt; Dump Cheney White T-shirt - "Halliburton" tattooed across head; Miserable Failure T-shirt - George W. Bush; Kerry sucks (too) - T-shirt."

Bill Wyatt, owner of Y-Que, believes Google's cancellation is akin to Google acting as big brother.

Maybe they are just refusing to cash in so glibly on the daily death and destruction?


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