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Thursday, November 20, 2003


Speaking of rock / rap stars, one Marti Pellow, former frontman of the group WetWetWet, or should that be DripDripDrip, has been on tv plugging some forthcoming album or other for the Christmas sales.

The reason I mention this is because after all the lighting work, camera angles and make-up for the tv ad, Pellow still looked emaciated and ill. The former junkie back to his old junkie ways and caught something nasty, I'll wager?

The reason, apparently, for his descent into junkiedom was "the pressure of fame". Yeah, right. Wee shame for the poor guy. Speak to people who are really ill!

Make him rob houses for his fix money, same as the other junkies instead of assualting the ears of anyone unfortunate enough to hear his wailing.
Don't buy his second-rate wares!

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